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Getting started in Emergency Services:
the General ES (GES) Rating

How to take the GES test
IS Courses are easy if you know the gouge
CAP National HQ GES test and material access


Gear List

Standard Gear List
Ground Team Trainee
Ground Team Member
Ground Team Leader

A list of the gear required and recommended forFTXs.  Very useful for when packing.

Ground Team Tools

Coordinate Conversion Tool

Automatically Converts UTMs and Lat. /Longs.

ES Resources Page

ES Resources Web Page

An excellent web page for ES information and links for ES tools.

Georgia Wing ES Page

Georgia Wing ES Page


Ground Team Task Guides ("Green Book")

and Training Material

Green Book


On line Ops courses and exams

Courses & Exams


CAPF 161 Emergency Information


The CAPF 161 with the current commander's contact
information.This file is editable so you can neatly type
the information.

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